Without Mother Nature

there is no tomorrow.


Here at Crastino we believe in farming for tomorrow. 

We believe Mother Nature has the ability to nurture the best soil, grow the best grapes and provide the best wines. 

We believe that by treating Mother Nature with the respect she deserves she in turn will provide us with the phenomenal wines we love to share with our own families. 



Crastino Wines are grown organically by a small boutique family run farm at the bottom tip of South Africa, in the Cape of Good Hope.

Our family has a vein of strong, successful women in each generation. The women are not only strong, successful and determined, but they are nurturing, caring and most importantly have brought to life tomorrow through the birth of the next generations. These women along with Mother Nature effect tomorrow. Crastion’s icon portrays the not only the strength of Mother Nature, but the femininity, the elegance, the care and the nurturing of tomorrow. In this image she guides the life from pre-existence seeds  in the soil to strong stable vine. We are paying homage to her and the beautiful women in our family for creating life.


Crastino Wines are produced from the grapes hand-picked from the organic vineyards. Post picking they follow a very slow process of natural fermentation which we use minimal intervention allowing Mother Nature to take her course. These vegan, natural, environmentally friendly wines are an expression of feminine elegance with the perfect balance between strength and finesse.